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 an installation of prints of commuters reading hanging in a space like a bus

TransitStory is an installation of linoleum cuts of people reading on their daily commute. Prints on Kozo and various papers hang in layers to create the space of a bus or train car, enveloping the viewer into a crowd of commuters reading books and various devices, each experiencing a private journey on a shared journey with strangers.
For me reading is an escape, a way to be transported to other worlds, and a way to be alone in a crowd. Thinking about my own need to read, especially on transit, I began drawing people reading during my commute to work. A diary about the daily travels takes a look at a narrow slice of daily life, small moments repeated.
Instead of escaping into reading I was experiencing this transitional part of each workday more fully. While commuting you are neither here nor there, but in between. Internal journeys intersect with the physical world. Drawing people holding their devices, caressing phones and cradling books reveals the sense of touch that is an important part of the experience.
Created at the Kala Art Institute Gallery for Threading Pages: New Work by 2018-2019 Kala Fellows.

Linoleum cut on Kozo and various papers, linen thread, paper clips, cord, screw eyes, 12’ x 12’ x 12’

Muni Station News Vendor