Tony Bellaver prints > Resource Extraction and What's Left Behind

Resource Extraction and What’s Left Behind by Tony Bellaver is a portfolio of Platinum/Palladium prints that reveals the environmental degradation to the local eco-systems of the west coast caused by clear cutting and monoculture re-plantings. These forest practices amplify climate change, resulting in the extreme weather, wildfires and fauna extinction we see today. The photographs in the portfolio were taken with a Hasselblad 500cm using Kodak tmax100 film, in locations between northern California, to the border of Canada.

Contact printed using Platinum/Palladium emulsion on rag paper with letterpress colophon in a Rives BFK enclosure, letterpress title and Platinum/Palladium image, edition of 5, with 10 prints each,11 x 17” 2022.
Tony Bellaver