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Read Here Now Sharing stories about reading
On Thursday, August 26, 2021 friends gathered at my installation Between Here & Now at the Milvia/Addison Windows in downtown Berkeley to read aloud some memories about reading. This is an off-site space for Kala Art Institute.
Thank you so much to those who came! And I am so grateful for everyone far and wide who has sent me a reading memory. There is such a wonderful range of responses. Many people mention the light in the room. There are stories that describe the book that hooked them into reading, and where they discovered it. And some describe moments of transformation, a life-changing experience.
Do you have a memory of reading a book, a story that you always associate with where you were, and what you were doing while reading it?
I am continuing to collect stories if you would like to contribute!
Print out and write down your reading memory.
You can also color in the blank book to evoke the story or the place you remember. Please take a photo of each and email it to I will be sharing the photos of your stories on instagram and compiling them into an artist's book.