Installation > Vertical Scroll: Unorientable

Some of the earliest books were scrolls. The new codex format made it easier to mark a page and get back to a saved passage. Now we have habitual scrolling on our cell phones, the location of what we read an abstraction. To make Vertical Scroll : Unorientable I printed a series of linoleum cut newspaper articles on both sides of Japanese paper and formed it into a möbius strip. With no beginning or end, and with only one side, it demonstrates the unorientable realm of digital reading, and the vertical scrolling that becomes a habit. The newspaper sticks supporting the paper refer to the sharing of one physical newspaper in libraries, a contrast to many thousands reading the same digital file.

%Linoleum cut on Kitakata, wooden newspaper sticks, linen thread.
Dimensions variable, 8’ x 4’ x 5’
Paper 15” x 12’%

linoleum cut prints as mobius strip
Linoleum cut on Kitakata, wooden newspaper sticks, linen thread