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During the pandemic I began photographing cell towers disguised as trees. The faux trees exemplify our need for connection and our desire for invisible infrastructure. Camouflaged to blend in, they are silent witnesses to our movements and interactions. I think about data mining and how we allow the collection and sale of our personal data. In the Hear/Hear series photographic negatives are scanned to make intaglio prints, presenting the trees as icons of our times. Incorporating polymer plate letterpress screenshots imagines how our messages are moving through the landscape; our attention transformed into digital currency. The dense layers and intimate size and shape of the prints reflect a cell phone world view.

Photopolymer intaglio, letterpress photopolymer, pressure printing and pochoir on Hahnemuhle and Rives BFK, 15" x 11". Page spreads from the Here/Hear artist's book 8" x 11".

Hear/Hear artist's book