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During the COVID-19 pandemic, my husband Tony and I went on day trips to photograph with our medium-format cameras. I began photographing cell towers disguised as trees. The faux trees exemplify our need for internet service everywhere, and our desire to not see it. Camouflaged, they are silent witnesses to our movements and interactions. This project is about data mining as an extractive industry; we allow the collection and sale of our personal data to be used to manipulate our attention. The intaglio prints of the trees honor them as icons of our time. The text messages suggest how our movements and attention are transformed into digital currency. Cut outs reveal unseen wires and metadata harvested. This unique artist’s book was created using collage to work out ideas for an editioned version.

unique artist’s book
Photopolymer intaglio, letterpress polymer, pochoir, collage, lead type on Kozo and Rives BFK.
9 x 6.5 x .5” 10 pages