photo by Beth Fein

Mary V. Marsh has been making art in the Bay Area since 1984. She received a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1992, where she met her husband and collaborator Tony Bellaver. She has exhibited in many venues in the Bay Area and makes artist's books and multiples under Quite Contrary Press. Work is available through Seager Gray Gallery, Vamp & Tramp, Abecedarian Artists' Books and Kala Art Institute. Artist's books are included in many library collections. A 2018-19 Kala Fellowship Artist, she continues to work in the studio at Kala Art Institute.

Quite Contrary Press offers limited edition and unique artist’s books, prints and sculptures made in Oakland by Tony Bellaver and Mary V. Marsh individually and collaboratively.

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My work explores the intersection of mass media and personal habits of its consumption. Thinking about the technological changes in reading and communication, I make prints and artist’s books that reference this history. Years of working in libraries; the materials collected; concepts and changing technology of access experienced, are a foundation for ideas. Journal drawings and diary entries recording the patterns of daily activities and observations of my surroundings provide imagery and text for projects.
-Mary V. Marsh