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risograph artist's book about reading and commuting
Risograph on Cougar Natural
11 x 8.5" 12 pages, edition of 90

EXTRA EXTRA! Edition, view all pages here

EXTRA EXTRA! Edition is a tabloid exhibition catalog including works and ideas explored during my fellowship at Kala Art Institute, and the exhibition Threading Pages: New Work by 2018-2019 Kala Fellows.
While developing a print installation about reading on transit, I began to read books about reading, continuing my communication history research. I collected ideas about reading formats, historical changes, portability, and our brain’s adaptability. We experience new ideas and stories in our minds through reading, internal journeys intersect with the physical world of fellow passengers and the changing landscape outside the window of a bus. Each day’s journey gives one’s life a divided feeling: here or there. While traveling, you are between places. While reading, you are in between the imagined the real.