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artworks made collaboratively by
Tony Bellaver & Mary V. Marsh

Alpenglow Tony Bellaver

Tony Bellaver artist

aritst book
This river has no ego
artist book

The making of this book has been a process of years of conversations while camping, backpacking and fly fishing. The close observation required for fly fishing reveals the interconnectedness of the river, trees, fish and insects. We reflect on our relationship to nature, the power and endurance of rivers, and our insignificance. We try to understand it through the lens of science and words. The river doesn’t care if we are here or not. We strive to see and respect the river, without naming or cultural construct.
From our sketchbook drawings and poetry we developed the content and designed the format collaboratively. The accordion structure allows the book to unfold in an uneven rhythm like a river. The maple burl and redwood veneer relates to trees around our favorite rivers of California. The salmon vertebrae shows one part of the cycle of life of the river.

Tony Bellaver and Mary V. Marsh
letterpress printed accordion-fold with handset type, polymer plates, linocut on Arches Cover, hand cut paper, maple burl veneer cover, vertebrae.
Slipcover, redwood veneer, inkjet title.
7.5” x 6.75” x 1.75”
13 pages
Edition of 15
Alpenglow Tony Bellaver